Rhi Hepple MFHT


Naturopathic Nutrition works on the principles of using food as our medicine. By using healing Naturopathic techniques and rebalancing nutritional deficiencies and giving the body all the nutrients it needs, we aim to bring the body back into balance and allow it to heal itself.

This is a personalised approach looking at resolving the cause of underlying issues and giving the body what it needs to feel revitalised and Rhivived.

Naturopathic Nutrition can help:

  1. *Digestive issues

  2. *Hormone imbalances

  3. *Fatigue and lack of vitality 

  4. *Chronic Fatigue

  5. *Autoimmune issues

  6. *Fertility

  7. *Anxiety & Depression

  8. *Vitamin and mineral imbalances

  9. *Inflammatory issues

  10. *Joint aches & pains

  11. *Headaches & migraines

  12. *Sleep & Stress issues

  13. *Food allergies & intolerances

  14. *Skin issues

  15. *Weakened immunity

  16. *Weight management

The initial consultation enables me to take a full case history to build up a picture of your health story. I will then email you a personalised Naturopathic Prescription plan. We can work at the pace that you want to go and I offer email support between appointments.

Follow-up appointments aim to progress further in your healing journey and address any new issues. Often the body will throw up signals for us to address and it’s important to peel back each layer and offer nutrient and nurturing support before moving forward.

We look at your diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies that might need addressing, organ support, hormone balance, detoxification, pH balance and guidance on healing Naturopathic techniques.

Additional hair analysis testing s available via Health Synergy which will test for food intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, pH level, gut flora, organs out of balance, hydration and levels of essential fatty acids, further testing for metal toxicity, allergies etc are also available.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

- Hippocrates

“ I like to work by peeling back the layers like an artichoke to get to the heart of the matter and helping to nurture the potential to bloom.”

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Initial consultation £80

Follow ups £65

Available in Lymington, Hampshire

or online